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A Brief History of Morrison United Methodist Church


In August of 1905, a "Brush Arbor" meeting was held at the current site of Morrison United Methodist Church, in Morrison, Tennessee.  There were other Methodist Churches nearby at Vervilla and Fountain Grove, but the town of Morrison was growing rapidly and a church was needed there.  Many interested persons came from far and near to help in establishing the church and erecting the building, which was completed and in use by 1906,


Mr. Drew King, Sr. gave the land, and Mrs. Lina King Paty donated imported stained glass windows.  Some donated lumber, some labor, and others cash to help with the construction of the building.  Originally, the only seats were planks laid across blocks of wood.  After two or three years, the Methodist Conference donated ornate benches, which are still in use today.  Mrs. Seitz of McMinnville gave the original pulpit Bible, which is still on display in the church.


Originally, Morrison was on the Hickory Creek Circuit.  The first pastor was Rev. Cherry and the first Sunday School Superintendent was Mr. D.W. Thaxton.  The parsonage was first in the Vervilla Community.  Before long, Morrison was placed with the Manchester circuit and the pastor lived there.  At that time, the minister came to Morrison once each month, by train, and visited with the members until Monday when he returned home.  Rev. Chenault and Rev Stroud were outstanding ministers during that period.  In 1923, the membership of the church was growing at a rapid rate, and the first parsonage was built on the church grounds.


In later years members added four classrooms, restrooms and a kitchen to the existing church.  In 1958 a small chapel was built and furnished.  It was later dedicated and named the "Wood Chapel", in honor of outstanding teacher, Mr. Colonel and wife, Irene Wood.  Efforts of members along with the generosity of the Randolph Wood family also led to the purchase of an electric organ along with central heat and air conditioning throughout the building.  In 1970 a new, modern parsonage was built on the church grounds.  The original parsonage still stands on the church grounds and is used as rental property.


Morrison United Methodist Church was founded on the faith of it's members, and is nurtured by the families who continue to worship here.  We proudly honor our heritage while we move boldly into the twenty-first century.


Based on an original writing by:

Mrs. W. A. Griswold




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